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(Day And Boarding School)
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Choosing a school where your child will receive a competitive and career-oriented education, homely and comfort environment, along with factors which lay foundations for a successful future, etc., is one of the most important decisions a parent can make.

It is not easy to move away from the cozy & protected embrace of a home which is why, Springfield World School provide a stress free homely environment, where child is nurtured with lot of care & concerns. 

Boarding is a great opportunity to live with and learn from different people and intake the broader perspective on differences in behaviour, culture and traditions around. It will make the child become self-sufficient and decisive in nature which is one of the most significant traits for career building in the future. 

We make sure students find it easy to fit in from day one hence, our residential students are facilitated with, 




We make you reassure of your ward living here in all comfort and security and offer, 

  1. Covered and secured on-campus residence with full of CCTV cameras.
  2. School guards on duty for 24 hours.
  3. Electricity and backups
  4. Quarterly PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) is organised and students are allowed to accompany their parents out of the campus for a day.



Exceptional teaching is available from:

1. CBSE Resident tutors (All teachers are trained and qualified on diverse culture and varied traditional values, while they are proficient in English and native languages)

2. Subject experts as guest faculties.

3. Mentors for the comprehensive academic assistance

4.On-campus program managers.

5. The constant focus on the basic foundation in physical, emotional and mental abilities.

6. The detailed individual assessment which further enhances your child capabilities to be competitive and career oriented while residing in-campus or off-campus.

Other co-curricular activities, act, social, and sports events, etc., has the world-class supportive infrastructure which is organised by the resident committee.


 Infrastructural facilities and disciplined day to day schedule make Springfield World School one of the pioneer schools in day and boarding. We offer,  

1. Modern and comfortable accommodation

2. Air cooled rooms and homely environment

3. Separate wardrobe for storage and a study table

5. Separate living wings for boys and girls

6. Hygienic and nutritive mess facilities

7. Medical and emergency services

8. Best indoor and outdoor sports infrastructure

Mess Facilities

At Springfield World School Vidisha, we provide mess facilities to our day and boarding students in the highest standards. Our spacious dining hall is situated on campus, in a separate fully equipped building. We highly concern about hygiene and food quality and ensure that our kitchen is kept clean and intact. 

Fulfilling nutritional requirements for our growing students is our utmost key priority. Which is why, we believe in preparing healthy and nutritious meals for our students. 


Springfield World School is effectively managed to ensure students go through overall boarding experience which clearly enhances and fulfils diversified needs of the student like personal, social, cultural, educational, etc. by providing, 

We make sure students find it easy to fit in from day one. 

1. Enrichment Programs

2. Welfare Community

3. Student Forums

4. Language Counsellors

5. Separate service staff for students

Our Boarding Time Table